Crimson Conversion – Modular Controller to Edge Controller

Crimson programming and configuration software for Red Lion HMIs and Data Stations, generally have a conversion between different hardware models.  However, due to complex nature of devices that accept plug-in modules such as Graphite HMI or Modular controller conversion to and from these to Graphite Edge controllers is limited. shown below:

Fortunately, conversion is still possible using the following process via an interim device.  The above conversion table for Crimson 3.0 shows that the Data Station Series, Kadet or G3 Series are all capable of converting to or from Edge Controller databases.

For Crimson 3.1, it is possible to convert from an Edge controller to CR1000 and CR3000, but it is not possible to convert from any device to an Edge controller.  To migrate to an Edge controller from any other device, it would have to be by exporting and importing components such as tags database manually, and recreating outstanding any other items individually.

A common example is when upgrading from a Modular Controller to an Edge controller it would be necessary to convert the project to a Data Station first.  Since the Modular Controller will be a Crimson 3.0 project, it is the possible to convert the Data Station project to an Edge controller.  If so desired, it would then be possible upgrade the resulting Edge controller project to Crimson 3.1.

Depending on what components are used in the original project, there may be incompatibilities that need to be corrected manually for complete conversion.  Errors will be shown on the right side of the status bar in Crimson by red Errors text as shown below.

This Red Lion support video steps through a more standard conversion but also shows how Crimson 3.0 will highlight any parts that did not convert successful and how to fix these.