ABB’S ACH580 ‘Best Feature’

There are so many great features about the ABB ACH580 that you may not be aware of. My favourite has to be the inclusion of the 'Other' selection.

What is the 'Other' selection? It allows many different parameters to point at another parameter that is normally not related. It enables a huge amount of functionality in the drive such as having the digital output being able to be turned on when the PID set point is frozen. It also allows the frequency output to be set to the DC Voltage inside the VSD or even switch a relay and change the control mode if the previous days energy is over a set amount.

The Other functionality can be broken into two sub groups; the analogue Other and the digital Other[bit]. Other can be mapped to most analogue parameters in the drive with the Other [bit] being able to be mapped to any bit in almost any parameter.

Below is a quick list with the most common parameters that you can map with the Other functionality.