Setup your ACH580 quickly & easily

ABB VSD drives have always been considered 'user friendly', but even with the default configuration you often must jump between a few different menus to change a few parameters that you have to memorise. With ABB's new ACH580, this process has been made easy, thanks to its Primary Settings menu which leverages the higher resolution of the new control panels to provide more descriptive selection fields. 


The primary settings allows the end user to access common programming parameters in one menu (parameters actually reside in completely different parameter groups). This means you can set your start source, speed reference, start interlocks and even minimum frequency inside one menu.  Primary settings will also allow the ability to set custom text for Start Interlocks or PID units. For example if your Start Interlock is a digital signal from a bypass value and if the drive trips rather than the fault then your Start Interlock 1 could be changed to Bypass Valve Closed.

Primary Settings are broken into the following groups which will allow you to program the drive for almost all applications without having to search through parameters.