Download to your Crimson 3 devices over Ethernet

It can be a pain to locate a device every time you want to make a minor adjustment to the program. This Tech Tip will walk you through setting up your Red Lion devices to accept a download over Ethernet.

By default, the Ethernet port found on compatible Red Lion devices is not enabled for downloading. It is possible to enable it on the device for many of the HMI units, however, this is not covered by this Tech Tip.

Please note that Crimson support for Enable Ethernet Port for Download requires Crimson 3.0 or higher and is only available to Windows 2000 or above users. Please update your version of Crimson to the latest; available online at

The first step is to launch up the Crimson program and the program file for the device you are attempting to activate.

Once that’s up we can open the download tab in the network section of communications as shown below.

Then we just change the IP download from disabled to enabled.

By default the selection mode will be in Auto Local Name mode, but we want to change that to either Manual or Auto Ethernet One. Manual will allow us to set an IP address for the device, or Auto Ethernet One will utilise the address set for the first ethernet port of the device in the program. Auto Ethernet One will be the most common option for new projects as you set up the device to recognise downloads on the same port as it interacts with the rest of the network. Manual is more commonly used for devices that already have their ethernet downloads enabled, allowing you to change the devices IP address while still downloading to the current address.

If your device does not already have Ethernet downloads enabled, the first download will need to be via USB or RS232. After that has been activated you can continue to download programs via ethernet as necessary.

An important note to this is that if the device is older, a firmware update may be required. If you are attempting to do a firmware update over Ethernet then there must be a memory card installed in the device, otherwise, the firmware update will have to be carried out over USB.

To download to the device via ethernet go to Link>Options up the top left and change the communications port to TCP/IP.

Then just go Link>Send and you’ve saved yourself from travelling.