Flavour & Fragrance – EX Rated

One of the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of flavour and fragrances, this Swiss company develops scents and flavours developed for the food and beverage markets. Their products are also used in household goods, including grooming and personal care products and perfumes. 

Project scope

Various ingredients are stored in both liquid and powder form in EX rated areas within their factories. Recipes are manually prepared per production demand, with values entered into their commercial grade computers.

Being in a hazardous area (dust), their current setup of PCs are not EX rated and was highly prone to non-safety standards. Wash-downs are a regular occurrence for hygiene, QC and safety purposes. During wash-down, challenges arose to protect the commercial grade PC’s by their IT and maintenance team.

Onsite assessment was required by Control Logic in partnership with STAHL to understand what was required and the best way forward in relation to EX and IP ratings, as wash downs are conducted at regular intervals.

IMAGE: before installation


After consultation and an understanding on the requirements, Control Logic recommended the implementation of STAHL’s 667 Series for KVN systems, that would bring the company in line with the requirements of Chemical and Food & Beverage industries.

The STAHL 667 series is well suited based on distinguishing features such as wide-screens for the display of complex processes, brilliant image quality, clean-room suitability and glass touch screens. Additionally they are available as a panel mount module (PM) that can be completely integrated in enclosures and can be flexibly configured.

IMAGE: After installation


With the implementation of the 667 system, their system is now compliant to Australian IECEx zone 2 & 22 and enables the area to be explosive (EX) protected. It reduced downtime through easy installation in addition to plug-and-play driverless data transfers, easy to maintain IP66 screens and a compact and rugged design.

As the system was wall mounted, the customer was able to clean up unwanted and unsafe equipment holding expensive commercial grade PCs. Greater efficiency is also achieved by being able to wash down the system in a quicker time with the system now being IP65 rated.


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