ACH580 – BACnet Communications

The ACH580 is a high-performance variable speed drive with a wide range of reliable embedded communications such as BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU and N2. In addition, there are also Fieldbus adapters modules that are available which can be used for all compatible platforms.

In this Tech Tip, we will discuss how to quickly set up an embedded BACnet Fieldbus communication in ABB's ACH580 in the Primary Menu and Parameters Menu.

BACnet is a communication protocol designed for building automation and control applications enabling interoperability among different vendors of equipment regardless of the building service they perform. It allows various types of devices to exchange information and data from a broad set of suppliers.

Starting BACnet communication through Primary Menu:

To start the Fieldbus communications, begin from the Main Menu and select Primary Settings and then select Communication; Main Menu Primary Settings Communication

In Communication, select Embedded Fieldbus and Communication Setup; Embedded Fieldbus Communication Setup

Select EFB Selection and then select BACnet MS/TP and press Save; EFB SelectionBACnet MS/TP Press Save

Set up BACnet MS/TP parameters according to application in Communication Setup; Embedded FieldbusCommunication Setup

Once parameters are set, apply settings for parameters to validate your settings by scrolling down and select Apply Settings to Embedded Fieldbus; Communication Setup Apply Settings to Embedded Fieldbus

Starting BACnet fieldbus communication in the parameter’s menu:
  1. Power up the drive
  2. Enable Protocol 01 This enables/disables the embedded fieldbus interface and selects the protocol which would be: BACnet MSTP (2)
  3. Protocol ID 02 This parameter is read only which displays your protocol ID
  4. Node Address 58.03 Defines the node address of the drive on the fieldbus link. Note, two address with the same line are not allowed. Possible values range from 1 – 247
  5. Baud Rate 58.04 Select the baud rate of the fieldbus link
  6. Parity 58.04 Select the required parity and number of stop bits
  7. Device Object ID 58.40 For BACnet MSTP, the Device Object ID must be unique across all BACnet devices in the building network. Valid values are from 0 to 4194303, the default Device object ID 4194303 is invalid per the BACnet specification.
  8. Communication Control 58.06 Validate all settings made in the drive and takes changed EFB configuration settings in use under: Refresh Settings (1) To revert to normal operation; Enabled (0)
Note: You will be able to find embedded fieldbus parameters in group 58 Embedded Fieldbus