Many a time has an IT and OT professional in the industry come across numerous examples of “The Bird’s Nest” scenario when it comes to their network cabling infrastructure. Without a dedicated intervention to stop the unstructured growth, the end result is typically a network that could fall over at a moments notice and will take multiple resources and valuable time to rectify. 

So how do we go from...

To gain control of your expanding network or tackle the numerous “Bird’s Nests” around your plant there is a solution that can tackle both Copper and Fibre requirements together to solve the ever growing networking infrastructure demands of the connected plants of the future. The MIPP™ (Modular Industrial Patch Panel) is a termination panel for cables that need to be connected to active equipment such as switches, Industrial Ethernet devices and any other devices with an Ethernet link, offering greater system reliability and ease of installation.

The MIPP™ was designed for industrial use, where its functionality and reliability can make a significant contribution to the uptime and availability of systems. It is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications requiring maximum system reliability and flexibility. The industrial design makes it highly suited for use in Machine Building, Transportation, Alternative Power Generation, Power Transportation & Distribution, Oil & Gas markets, and Water and Waste Water as well as more general use in enterprise, buildings and other applications.

Thanks to their unique modular design and their compact dimensions, up to 6 individual modules can be combined in any arrangement to create a large single patch panel, to which, for the first time ever, both fiber and copper cables can be connected at the same time. When required, each module can be easily removed or replaced for maximum system flexibility.

With a lightweight aluminium structure which increases its overall versatility, the MIPP™, can easily be mounted on a DIN Rail, or it can even be fixed at the sides of the cabinets simply using a wall mount plate. Thanks to its small housing, high port density and modularity, cabinet space is kept to a minimum.

MIPP Copper Patch Panel

Type of Keystones
Single Copper Modules
  • 2 or 4 x RJ45 keystone unshielded
  • 2 or 4 x RJ45 keystone shielded
  • 2 or 4 x RJ45 coupler unshielded
  • 2 or 4 x RJ45 coupler shielded
Type of Cable categories
  • Cat 5e unshielded and shielded
  • Cat 6 unshielded and shielded
  • Cat 6A unshielded and shielded

MIPP Fibre Splice Box

Type of Adapters
Single Fibre Modules (up to 12 fibre connections)
  • 6 x SC duplex adapters
  • 6 x SC metal duplex adapters
  • 6 x LC duplex adapters
  • 6 x ST duplex adapters
  • 6 x ST metal duplex adapters
  • 6 x E-2000 duplex adapters
Double Fibre Modules (up to 24 fibre connections)
  • 12 x SC duplex adapters
  • 12 x SC metal duplex adapters
  • 12 x LC duplex adapters
  • 12 x ST duplex adapters
  • 12 x ST metal duplex adapters
  • 12 x E-2000 duplex adapters
Fibre Applications
  • Multimode: OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4
  • Singlemode: OS2 and OS2/APC