Global mining company utilises ABB ACS880 to lower costs

Located in the Philippines, this large operated underground mine produces 176,790oz Gold and 18,351t of Copper to supply markets globally.


With such a large operation, there is a reliance on consistent efficient power to keep costs low and running as efficiently as possible. The mine investigated solutions to replace its existing VSD to rectify issues related to harmonics, including noise and increased power usage and surges. The drives, which are 3 x 630KW 690V variable speed drives are currently installed on existing dewatering pumps.

Assistance was sought to replace these drives with low harmonic variable speed drives to coincide with the next mine shutdown.


Based on consultation and an onsite inspection, it was recommended that ABB’s ACS880-37 variable speed drives should be used (ACS880-37-0770A 690V). In addition to its harmonics mitigation which is built-in to the system, the ACS880-37 includes an active supply unit and integrated, low harmonic line filter. The ‘all inside’ designs mean there is no need for external filters, multi-pulse arrangements or special transformers. Based on this relatively easy installation, this solution offered a significant saving in space, time and cost.


The ultra-low harmonic drive produces an exceptionally low harmonic content and exceeds the requirements of harmonic recommendations such as IEEE 519 and G5/4. When compared to a conventional drive, the harmonic content is reduced by up to 97%. The total harmonic current distortion is typically <3% in nominal situations and undistorted networks. The possibility to stabilise the output voltage of the drive is an advantage compared to a low harmonic solution where voltage cannot be boosted.

The mine is now able to operate more efficiently and safely, saving thousands of dollars in power, and reliability.