Setup Ethernet/IP easily with your Panasonic PLC

Panasonic supports a wide range of networking protocols with the FP7 and FP0H PLC’s that allows integration into most industrial networking environments. One such protocol is EtherNet/IP which is a widely used industrial protocol that allows devices to take full advantage of industrial control networks to share critical data in near real time.

This Tech Tip will guide you show you how to set up EtherNet/IP the FP0H Panasonic PLC. 

The EtherNet/IP Configurator can be found in System registers > Ethernet > EtherNet/IP

Open EtherNet/IP Basic Configuration and Set Auto Allocation to No as this will allow you to define the Panasonic registers available to EtherNet/IP

To map data from the Panasonic PLC to EtherNet/IP, Right Click I/O Map and Add I/O to create a Tag or Instance then select the number of words to assign to the mapping.

Click add to assign Panasonic registers to the mapping, keeping in mind you cannot allocate more than is assigned in Data Size.

Other ethernet/IP devices can be added by dragging them from the Device List to the Scan List more devices can be added by registering the EDS File.

Defining what information to access from other EtherNet/IP devices is similar to the I/O Map section above.

Data Size can be found in Parameter Settings and the connection type can be defined as Point to Point or Multicast.

Your Panasonic PLC should now be set up for EtherNet/IP.

This config can be saved to import into other projects to save time and reuse existing work. The Panasonic EDS files have been included below for your other EtherNet/IP devices.

Ethernet/IP EDS File for FP0H

FP7 CPU EtherNet/IP EDS files