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RSTi Slice I/O

Ethernet based slice remote I/O

The RSTi compact, distributed I/O delivers long-life, higher performance solutions that are easy to configure, manage and upgrade. With Ethernet-based RSTi I/O, communications are enhanced through PROFINET, a high-speed, open protocol that facilitates the massive amounts of data that devices generate. RSTi I/O unlocks the continuity, connectivity, and collaboration for your control systems.

It supports the following network interfaces :

PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus TCP and Serial, DeviceNet, EtherCAT†, Ethernet IP†, CC-Link†, CANOpen

The distributed nature of the RSTi enables a machine builder to design sections with distributed I/O drops closer to the field devices, reducing the cost of field wiring.

Decentralized I/O systems are easily disassembled and re-assembled with a standard, off-the-shelf Ethernet cable versus hundreds of wires coming back to a centralized control cabinet. The compact RSTi I/O line allows the user to “right size” the application, minimizing cost and panel space. Rugged “slide and lock” design provides an easy, secure installation.

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