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GT32E Series

6'' Indoor & Outdoor Rated Touch Screens

  • Bright Sunlight Readable Display - Improved brightness and contrast, combined with a new anti-glare coating
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Highly Resistant to UV Rays
  • IP67 Rating from the front panel

GT32R Series


Panasonic have released a new version of their popular 5.7 inch touch screens. The new range will be known as the GT32R and offer superior performance thanks to the use of improved technology LCD screens. All models also benefit from the addition of a long life white LED backlight. 


Available in both colour or monochrome models, the screens have incredible visibility even in bright environments. This improved visibility is attributed to the use of new high contrast TFT LCD screen technology. They also have an environmental rating of IP67 from the front panel.

Other stand out features include a built-in SD / SDHC memory card slot that allows for copy, back up, restore or data logging to cards up to 32Gb. A standard USB cable is used for programming removing the need for expensive custom cables. When used with Panasonic family PLC’s the display allows for simultaneous programming and debugging of the PLC and the display

The new GT32R series are compatible with all Panasonic FP Family PLC’s and also has drivers for many other popular brands of controllers.

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