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Field Agent

Secure Industrial Internet Connectivity

Secure Data Collection

Data is a valuable asset in today’s digital economy. With a GE Field Agent, data can be securely gathered from industrial machinery or plants and transferred to the cloud. Information can be collected across various industrial protocols and translated to a common format for distribution and analysis.

Enabling Advanced Analytics

Once machine data is collected and communicated via a Field Agent device, operators can run local analytic models to improve asset performance and predict failures before they occur, leading to reduced costs and new sources of revenue. Field Agents can also run local analytics to improve the performance  of OEM machinery locally.

Powered by Predix

GE’s Field Agents are powered by Predix, a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) built for industrial workloads. Predix empowers organizations to develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps in the cloud by securely connecting machines and data to people. By integrating Field Agents with other Predix platforms, such as Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) and Brilliant Factory solutions, operators can drive outcomes ranging from the reduction of unplanned downtime to improved asset output and operational efficiency.

Remote Updates and Troubleshooting

Distributed assets are often located in hard-to-reach or distant locations. Getting to those assets can be quite challenging for an OEM or fleet operator, diverting valuable time and resources. Field Agent devices are easy to manage with remote access. Updates and security patches can be deployed from a central location down to a Field Agent without traveling to the device. Field Agents also enable remote troubleshooting of  distant assets.

A Range of Solutions

There are a range of Field Agent solutions designed for a variety of applications. Choose the right combination of form factor, protocol, tag capacity, connectivity, and controller functionality for your specific needs.

Easy Installation and Connectivity

Field Agent installation is simple and secure. It requires virtually no IT support from the end user. Once configured, Field Agent devices can be installed and transmitting data to the cloud in a  matter of minutes.


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