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RX3i CPE400 Series

Hypervised, multicore, outcome optimizing controller

Designed for Real World Demands

GE’s PACSystems Rx3i is a flexible and high performance control system that is widely used in a diverse range of applications including water/wastewater metro, industrial steam, automotive, chemical, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing and modular machine designs. These diverse applications require a compact controller that can deliver the high performance and flexibility needed to run application specific control reliably.

The PACSystems Rx3i CPE400, part of GE’s Industrial Internet Control System, is the industry’s first outcome optimizing controller. It augments real-time deterministic control with embedded Field Agent technology, delivering near- real time advice through market analysis, fleet and enterprise data, or asset/process knowledge to optimize the outcomes that today’s businesses require. The Predix™ enabled CPE400 provides reliable, secure communication and analytics using either cloud-based or edge-based outcome optimizing apps. Controls can now be programmed to dynamically influence business outcomes, generate new forms of revenue, and improve profitability.

Reliable, High-Speed Performance

The PACsystems Rx3i CPE400 runs on a real time operating system for delivering, reliable, secure industrial applications. It offers premier high speed performance and secure data handling for any multi-disciplined control system.

A large working memory accommodates large programs and extensive data storage. The quad core high-speed microprocessor executes programs faster than ever before. It supports industry-standard PROFINET with I/O update rates as fast as 8ms for 16 devices. With Ethernet interface rates up to 1Gpbs, the CPE400 is built for rapid, reliable data interchange.

Industrial Internet Enabled

Outcome Optimizing controllers use real time hypervisor technology to run real time deterministic control applications concurrently with the embedded Field Agent* technology (EFA) without any adverse impact of one over the other. EFA technology is a platform for securely applying Predix applications and secure connectivity to the Predix Cloud as well as run edge apps. Running the Field Agent concurrently with the real-time control applications allows the CPE400 to rapidly leverage external data. External monitoring may be used to analyse and optimize entire business operations. The analysis can then be used to dynamically adjust real-time industrial controls to align with changing business objectives in today’s Industrial Internet age.

Advanced Security

In today’s Internet age, industrial controls are constant targets of cyber threats. We at GE understand the risk involved in securing our customer’s most important assets. We believe in defence in depth architecture to secure the asset from potential cyber threats.

The Rx3i CPE400 has been developed to be secure by design, incorporating technologies such as Trusted Platform Modules, secure, trusted, and measured boot. A centralized configuration allows encrypted firmware updates to be executed from a secure central location. A broad suite of cybersecurity technology and tools help prevent unauthorized updates while built-in security protocols help protect against man- in-the middle and denial of service attacks.

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