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Sixnet Toolkit

Network configuration software

The Sixnet Tool Kit is a Windows software utility that makes it easy to design, configure and maintain your Sixnet I/O systems. This all-in-one utility supports the latest Sixnet EtherTRAK-2 I/O modules. The Sixnet Tool Kit is special software created to make your job easier. As a completely integrated suite of project-oriented tools, the kit will enable you to quickly and effectively view the ''big picture'' as you design, install and maintain systems. Use the basic (Level 1) Sixnet Tool Kit to create panel layouts, assign tag names and configure modes of operation for all new Sixnet systems. Then add optional feature sets as needed to provide exporting, datalogging and I/O transfers between stations. With IPm based systems you can also add C programming capability. Optional add-ons for IPm systems provide even more functionality, including extensive IPm communications security and support for SNMP protocol

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