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H923 Series

Split Core CT, 0 to 10VDC Output, 21mm Cable Diameter (0-20/100/150A)

The Hawkeye H923 provide accurate load trending information with a proportional 0-10VDC output signal. Preset slide-switches provide easy field setup of sensed amperage range with no need for jumpers. Power the sensor, and receive the signal with only two wires...lower cabling and commissioning costs than with traditional 3-wire sensors.

  • Self-gripping split-core for fast retrofit need to remove conductor
  • Factory calibrated switch-selectable ranges for high resolution and installation ease
  • Three field-selectable ranges per unit...fewer versions to choose from, stock, and install
  • Removable mounting bracket for installation flexibility
  • Bracket on H923 can be installed in three different configurations...added flexibility
  • 100% solid state, no moving parts to fail
  • 5-year warranty

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