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Advanced Three Phase Revenue Meter


  • Total Billing Consumption
  • Energy Use Optimization

About the EDMI-Mk10A Advanced Three Phase Revenue Meter

The Mk10E is a Pattern Approved Atlas series meter. The Mk10E has advanced communications capabilities for use in Power Quality indication, advanced commissioning functionality and large memory storage.

A new development of 'Smart' metering, the EDMI Mk10E is used to measure Electricity consumption.  It is a unique product which enables energy usage to be continually measured and stored and then data is transmitted to the Supply Company when needed for billing.

The meter has a large number of features, readily available, to provide Users with detailed information about their electricity supply including Tariff (Standard Settlement Configuration - SSC), Power Factor, Maximum Demand and Total Billing Consumption together with individual Rate consumption for consumers on multi-rate tariffs. In addition, there is an option to obtain analysed billing data information via a web link.  Users can then see a detailed breakdown of their energy usage and time of use to enable any unplanned wastage to be eliminated and help manage more efficient usage, as part of an energy management process.


  • GPRS Capability
  • Power Quality Indication
  • Advanced Tamper Detection
  • AMI & PAYG Ready
  • Four Quadrant Energy Measurement
  • Load Profile (NEM compliant)
  • Pulsing Inputs / Outputs
  • CT or Whole Current Connection
  • High Accuracy
  • Programmable Pulsing LEDs
  • IEC1107 Protocol Compatible
  • Backup Power for reading LCD when supply is absent
  • High Level Data Security


  • Class 0.5S & Class 1 (MID Class C & Class B)

Applicable Standards

  • Compliance with IEC 62052-11, 62053-21, 62053-23
  • Compliance with AS 62052.11, 62053.21, 62053.23



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