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Advanced Single Phase Revenue Meter


  • Billing
  • Tax Calculations
  • Energy Use Optimization

About the EDMI-Mk7

The Mk7 is a single phase Time of Use (TOU) domestic revenue meter designed for advanced utilities in deregulated and deregulating markets who are committed to providing consumers better quality metering services and not just basic electricity measurement. It is well suited to remote reading and other advanced applications such as remote disconnect, card-less prepayment and domestic demand management.

The Mk7 is a one- or two-element revenue meter suitable for the most complex domestic metering applications, providing comprehensive tariff structures, load profiles and load control. The meter’s second element allows independent measurement of hot water, air-conditioning or heating consumption.


  • GPRS Capability
  • Power Quality Indication
  • Advanced Tamper Detection
  • AMI & PAYG Ready
  • Disconnect Relay


  • Class 1 & Class 2

 Applicable Standards

  • Compliance to IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-23, AS1284.5


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