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GE Automation and other Great Software Solutions in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Usually, when people think of automation equipment, then think of variable speed drives or power supplies, pricy and heavy-duty pieces of hardware that can serve a range of different industrial applications. At Control Logic, we do have a huge range of hardware in our product catalogue, which is made up of more than 100,000 products from over a dozen globally recognised brands. However, hardware pieces from brands like ABB and Puls are not the only products we have to offer.

On the contrary, Control Logic is also one of the most trusted sources for automation software solutions in Australia. In fact, one of our biggest global partnerships is with General Electric, and GE is known for both hardware and software in the automation industry.

GE Automation Software in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

If you are looking into GE automation equipment in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, definitely consider looking into the company's software as well. GE offers a range of high quality software solutions, including SCADA system software, business process management software, data management and analytics software, manufacturing software and real-time operational intelligence software.

In fact, you may not know it, but GE is actually a world leader in in automation software. For years, the company's Intelligent Platforms division has been creating programs designed to make business easier for industrial companies around the world. Some of these programs simplify industrial communications and networking; others provide engineers with interactive electronic work instructions; and some even move industrial management into the mobile sphere.

As you can see, GE's software solutions are versatile and useful. And if you are looking for GE automation software for your industrial company in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, then you should look no further than control logic! Since 1981, we have been one of Australia's most trusted suppliers for automation equipment. Now in our 24th year, clients trust us with both their hardware and software needs. We hope you will give us a chance to meet you needs, as well. And as GE is one of our biggest global partners, we are more than capable of helping you with whatever GE software needs you may have.

Learn More Online

Need help choosing the right GE automation software for you, or just want to learn a bit more about the various different software solutions that the company has to offer? Most likely, whatever questions you may have can be answered on our website!

If you visit our software page online, at, you will be able to see the various GE programs we have to offer. From Proficy Plant Applications (which provides a number of useful plant performance modules), to Proficy Historian Analysis (which allows you to pull very usable information out of old efficiency data), you will quickly see that GE has thought of automation software to cover every need.

If you need additional help picking out the right GE automation software in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, feel free to call us! Control Logic can be reached at 1800 557 705, and our sales staff is happy to point you towards the right program for your specific needs or applications.