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Control Stations Made of Polyester Resin - Series 8146

Control Stations Made of Polyester Resin Series 8146

Control devices and control units are assembled clearly in 8146 Series control stations in high-quality, glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin.

The product range includes eight enclosure sizes with corresponding enclosure heights respectively. Since there are so many possible combinations of components, every control station Series 8146 is designed and manufactured to order. The number of units installed depends on the size of the control station as well as on the space required for the built-in devices device. Individual control stations can be combined to larger units by means of connection frames.

x* = Canada

  • Enclosures made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin
  • 8 basic enclosure sizes with various enclosure heights
  • Can be combined to larger units
  • Equipped with built-in devices for snap-on mounting
    • Control devices
    • Indicating lamps
    • Illuminated pushbuttons
    • Control switches
    • Ammeters
    • Voltmeters
  • Options available with:
    • Flanges
    • Cover hinges
    • Flange enclosures
    • Brass plates, Metal cable glands

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