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Series 8146/5075 and 8125/5071

Grounding Systems / Ground Monitoring Device Series 8146/5075 and 8125/5071

The ground monitoring device ensures that tank containers, drums, road tankers, rail cars, IBCs and helicopters are correctly electrostatically grounded during the loading of flammable liquids. The device provides a conductive connection to the ground and monitors in parallel the quality of the electrostatic grounding.

This guarantees that the electrostatic charge remains at a safe level and that no explosion hazard is generated by uncontrolled energy discharge.

The following recommendation requires grounding during loading and recommends interrupting loading in case of incorrect grounding:

  • CENELEC LC/TR 50404 recommendation for avoiding ignition hazards due to electrostatic charges.
  • TRBS 2153 for avoiding ignition hazards as a result of electrostatic charges


  • Monitored electrostatic grounding of tank containers, drums, road tankers, rail cars, IBCs and helicopters during loading
  • Continuous monitoring of correct grounding
  • Robust design
  • Weather-protected plastic enclosure (IP66) or stainless steal enclosure (IP66)
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Potential-free contact for signalling to the process control system and external control devices
  • Insulated point of suspension
  • For use up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508)

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