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AF Series

Market leading contactor range from ABB

The AF contactor range covers small motor starting solutions from 4 kW up to big power switching solutions with our unique AF2650, the biggest single case block contactor in the world.

The contactor and motor protection range is part of one of the widest product offerings on the market meaning that ABB not only can provide the contactor but the full solution.

In addition to the standard product range ABB also offer products for special needs such as bar contactors, GAF and contactors for capacitor switching.


Reliable in all networks - The electronic system within the AF contactor rectifies the AC or DC control circuit voltage to a DC control voltage that is applied on the coil. The contactor is safely operated in an always optimized condition making it virtually noise free.

Four coils for the entire voltage range - The AF contactor features both AC and DC support. With the complete AF contactor range, functionality is improved. Still, the total number of product variants compared to a conventional range is reduced by 90%. Only four coils are required to cover 24 V AC, 20 V DC-500 V AC/DC.

Wide control voltage range - With conventional contactor technology, different contactors were needed for different network voltages. Thanks to the wide operating range of the AF contactor it can operate just as well in Europe as in Asia or North America. The core coil of the AF contactor range covers 100-250 V, AC/DC and 50/60 Hz.

Built-in surge suppression - With conventional contactor technology it is recommended to use an external surge suppressor, an accessory that could cost as much as half the contactor itself. With the AF technology the surges are handled by the contactor itself and the surge never reaches the control circuit. Neither the surge suppressor nor the actual surge has to be considered anymore. One less product and one less complication to worry about.

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