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ACH550 Series

0.75 to 355kW Variable Speed Drives for HVAC Industry

The ABB ACH550 is a dedicated variable speed drive for the HVAC market. Macros for the most common applications are built into the new drive as standard. Selecting the application takes only seconds. The rest of the start-up is intuitive, with a user interface as simple to use as a mobile phone. The drive is programmed with several HVAC applications, including supply and return fans, cooling tower fans, booster pumps and condensers. The intelligence within the HVAC control panel means that the user is given direct and under stand able instructions in clear text at all times. Highlights :

  • Wide power range - From 0.75 to 355 kW, 208/240 V or 380/480 V, covering the vast majority of HVAC applications
  • Built-in EMC filter - EMC filter for 1st environment, built-in as standard, eliminates the need for any external filtering in building technology.
  • Real-time clock and calendar - The built-in real-time clock and calendar function provides true time and date stamps to drive events. Information is displayed clearly on the control panel.
  • Built-in timers - External timer circuits are no longer needed. Built-in timers - utilizing the real-time clock - allow starting and stopping the drive or changing the speed according to the time of day or night. Relay outputs can be operated with timers to control any auxiliary equipment on site.

The motor can deliver full output at 40 °C - shouldn't the frequency converter dothe same? ABB's HVAC drive is rated for continuous operation to 40 °C with full current, without being compromised by temperature variations within any 24-hour period. Full flow is available, precisely when needed - usually, when it is hot outside. Similarly, IP 54 units can be operated without the need for de-rating up to 40 °C. At a temperature of 50 °C, only 10 % de-rating is required for both IP 21 and IP 54.

BACnet, N2, FLN and Modbus embedded - Commonly used HVAC fieldbuses are embedded into the memory of the drive, ensuring that they are always there if you need them. ABB has supplied to building automation tens of thousands of drives utilizing serial communications, including more than 2,000 BACnet installations. LonWorks and Profibus - Plug-in modules fit under the cover of the drive. A single twisted pair avoids great lengths of conventional cabling, reducing cost and increasing system reliability.

Pre-configured HVAC application macros - 14 different HVAC application macros are pre-programmed into the HVAC drive. Application macros for supply and return fans, cooling tower fans, booster pumps and condensers are available, just to name a few. Interactive start-up assistant - The HVAC drive has an interactive start-up assistant that gives expert help to the user through the startup, without the need to refer to manuals.

Tailor-made HVAC software features without compromises - ABB's HVAC drive delivers a complete solution with a tailor-made configuration that will save you time and money. For example, actual process values like differential pressure signals can be converted inside the frequency converter and displayed in engineering units like bar, l/s and °C. Fault logger - The fault logger of the HVAC drive is especially useful in tracking down drive failures through its use of the real-time clock. In addition to recording both time and date, the fault logger also takes a snapshot of 7 diagnostic values - like motor speed and output current. You know what happened and when. Payback times - PC tool for calculating energy savings and payback times

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