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ACQ810 Series

0.37 to 400kW Variable Speed Drives for the Water Industry

The ABB ACQ810 drive modules are the ideal choice for water and wastewater applications. Specially designed to meet the demanding needs of squared torque pump control, these highly advanced drives maximize uptime and minimize energy costs in pumping systems. Specifically designed modules for water and wastewater applications feature tailor-made pump control functions for single and multi-pump systems. These functions ensure smooth, disturbance-free operation of water and wastewater processes, maximizing energy efficiency while reducing unnecessary downtime.

The drives' pump-specific functions decrease the life cycle cost of the pumping system, helping to save time and money. The modules are designed for cabinet assembly and are easily mounted side-by-side. Intelligent start-up assistant ensures that drive commissioning is straightforward, and the functions needed for most pumping systems can be easily implemented with the pre-programmed macros. Starting up a pumping system and optimising its performance is extremely easy. ABB industrial drive modules include everything needed for reliable and efficient pump control in water and wastewater applications. Optimal pump control for various applications

  • Raw water pumps, booster pumps, wastewater pumps.
  • Rain water pumps, irrigation pumps, slurry pumps
  • Submersible pumps, dry-installed pumps Intelligent solution for controlling pump performance
  • Tailor-made pump control functions for single and multi pump applications
  • Clear, easy-to-understand documentation and software
  • Compliance with mandatory EN61000-3-12 standard on harmonic currents
  • Advanced energy saving functions Easy and cost-effective cabinet assembly
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Narrow, compact design
  • Side-by-side installation saves space
  • Modular structure provides flexibility in system design & configuration Rapid & simple pumping system start-up
  • Intelligent start-up assistant ensures simple pumping system commissioning
  • Easy-to-use documentation based on real pumping applications
  • Pre-programmed and pre-configured macros for typical pump applications

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