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LX-100 Series

The ultimate colour mark sensor

The LX-100 series of digital colour mark sensors utilizes 3 LED elements (Red, Green, and Blue) offering high precision sensing of any colour marking. A four digit digital display allows for user-friendly setting and monitoring of sensor settings. Six easy-to-see indicators surround the main display allowing quick and easy confirmation of the operating mode. Also, the threshold value can be conveniently checked at the touch of a button. One-level, two-level and fully automatic teaching methods are available with an option of external teaching if the sensor is not easily accessible. The LX-100 series has two detection modes:

  • Mark Mode The sensor automatically selects the most effective LED colour for the application that is presented. With a fast response time of 45 microseconds, this mode is best suited for high speed manufacturing lines.
  • Colour Mode For high precision colour mark detection, all three LEDs are utilized to distinguish between colours that are difficult with conventional single LED sensors. The built-in 12-bit A/D converter enables high precision 1/4000 resolution judgments.

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