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745 Series

Extra heavy duty 90mm encoder


  • European 90/80/40mm Configuration
  • Up to 30,000 PPR
  • Hohner 3000/4000 Direct Replacement
  • IP64 Sealing Available

Due to some major technology enhancements, the 745 encoder is now available from 0001 PPR thru to 30000 PPR. This encoder is a direct replacement for the popular 90/80/40 spigot style encoder and may be ordered with a variety of output circuits, shaft sizes, and connector styles. Using the same Opto-Asic technology as most of our encoder range, you have the advantage of high tech signal generation, and a rugged mechanical assembly.

Common Applications

Motion Control Feedback, Conveyors, Elevator Controls, Machine Control, Food Processing, Process Control, Robotics, Material Handling, Textile Machines

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