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BR 50

Signal tower 54 mm

  • modular design with sturdy housing for all indoor and outdoor applications in tough conditions
  • wherever machine status needs to be displayed and warning signals given
  • high protection system IP 54 (optionally IP 65)
  • flexible building kit system guarantees easy handling
  • up to 5 modules with 6 lens colours can be combined as desired by simply plugging together, even retrospectively
  • mechanical and electronic components are uncoupled, resulting in a more stable structure that is less sensitive to vibration
  • many different variations are possible, can be fixed by means of tubular stand, tube or direct mounting
  • made of environmentally-friendly materials as per DIN ISO 14000
  • monitored module for greater safety; the light bulb has two separate LED strands. If one strand fails, the alarm contact is activated and the second strand continues to light

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