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SD1 Series

SD Surge Diverter Range - One phase

Designed for lightning intense environments

Based upon a tried and proven design with tens of thousands in service throughout the world, the new SD Series MULTIMOV incorporates the latest in metal oxide varistor technology providing enhanced current handling capability and longer life.

Protective metal enclosure

As with all Novaris power line surge protection devices (SPDs) the new SD Series MULTIMOV is housed in a robust yet more compact metal enclosure than before.

Class-beating capability

With its specially matched varistor segments the new SD Series MULTIMOV provides long life and redundancy with its individually fused and monitored segments.

Percentage active display

The digital display provides a confirmation of rating upon switch on and the percentage active segments thereafter. This allows for easy visual inspection of the device.

Active alarm technology

As with all Novaris power line SPDs the external alarm is electronic providing fail safe indication of segment failure, thermal overload or overcurrent which may result in rupture of the back up fuse.

The Novaris SD Series MULTIMOV provides the alarm status through a voltage free contact.

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