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Red Lion Crimson 3 Software

Watch pre-recorded training videos on Red Lion Controls products for your convenience

Crimson 3.0 Introduction

The quick showcase explains Crimson's power, flexibility and ease. The software works with G3, G3 Kadet, Modular Controller and Data Station Plus products. The presentation illustrates the user friendly, open and accessible workspace, how one uses the navigation and resource panes, and some new features like translation, adding text or data to graphics, mass editing of tags and database conversion. Also included is the point and click steps needed to use Crimson 3.0 for protocol conversion, data logging and web server functions.


Crimson 3.0 Protocol Conversion

The Red Lion Controls video on protocol conversion explains how you can save time and money using a Data Station Plus to avoid communication card setup and dedicated programming in PLCs and other devices. Crimson's simple drag and drop interface allows the mapping of registers from one connected device to another, programming the Data Station Plus to allow the exchange of data between any and all connected devices.

Crimson 3.0 Data Logging

This Red Lion Controls video on data logging explains how to create and map data tags to an external device. These tags can be recorded at user-programmable rates, time and date stamped, and stored in a CSV (comma separated variable) file to a CompactFlash card, thus providing the ability to record a system's performance for process improvement.

Crimson 3.0 Web Server

A Red Lion Controls video presentation is available demonstrating how easy it is to use Crimson 3.0 software to configure the web server feature that is built into each of our G3 operator interfaces, the SX and GT models of the Modular Controller Master, and the Data Station Plus. The web server is part of the internal hardware of these Red Lion products, so no additional software or modules are needed.


Crimson 3.0 Email & Text Messaging

Red Lion Controls video presentation is now available demonstrating how easy it is to use Crimson 3.0 software to enable and configure the automatic email and text messaging capabilities built into our G3 HMIs, the Modular Controller, and the Data Station Plus. This important feature allows vital monitoring of systems and equipment used at remote or unmanned locations.